A LA CARTE MENU - Thursday, Friday & Saturday

KAMAYAN (Family Style) MENU- Wednesday & Sunday

*sample photos


  A LA CARTE MENU - Thursday, Friday & Saturday

*Menu items are subject to change. Please contact us for the most updated menu. 

KINILAW arctic char, charred avocado mousse, coconut yogurt, shiso, kumquats, lotus root     16

SPANISH OCTOPUS sweet peppers, atchara, red pepper, escabeche     18

SISIG pork jowl, pig ears, chicken liver, chicken hearts, long hots, fried egg, ginger + garlic confit     18

BRUSSELS SPROUTS fresno chili, calamansi, bottarga     12

CARROTS beech mushrooms dilis, bagoong     10

SINANGAG bone marrow, jasmine rice, garlic confit    17

SHORT RIB KARE KARE bok choy, fairytale eggplants, beef tripe, sweet bagoong, peanut-annatto     28

PINAPUTOK NA ISDA barramundi, lemon grass, long hot, tomato, vidalia stuffing, fried cauliflower, soy-cane vinegar      26

ADOBO PUTI duck breast, ube, mustard green, pickled kumquats, cocomut_adobo jus     26

CRISPY PATA fried pork knuckle, water spinach, cherry tomatoes, thai chili-garlic vinegar     27

PINAKBET maitake mushrooms, patty pans, kabocha squash, carrots, sweet-coconut bagoong     23


KAMAYAN FAMILY STYLE MENU - Wednesdays & Sundays 

Sundays- Minimum Party of 4      |      Wednesdays- Minimum Party of 2


SINANGAG jasmine rice, garlic

CHICKEN INISAL meyer lemon and soy marinade

FISH (seasonal) fried whole

LECHON KAWALI berkshire pork belly

LUMPIA ground pork, carrots, onions, ginger

PINAKBET eggplant, long beans, bokchoy


Housemade Sauces

*Kamayan menu can be offered on off-days (Thursday - Saturday) with at least 72 hour advanced notice. $50 per person and $500 minimum. Must contact us via e-mail (info@perlaphilly) or phone (267-273-0008). Reservation available at 5:00pm or after 9:30pm.